At Macquarie, we're proud of our international research reputation.

在澳大利亚政府最近的澳大利亚卓越研究(ERA)评估中,我们对世界领先研究的承诺和改变世界的影响得到了认可, which ranked 85 per cent of our research as ‘performing at world standard’ or higher.


The framework ensures our considerable research expertise focuses on our priority areas of healthy people, 有弹性的社会, 繁荣的经济, secure planet and innovative technologies. These priorities are buttressed by four research objectives:

  • to accelerate world-leading research performance
  • to prepare world-ready higher degree research candidates
  • to engage as a world-recognised collaborator of choice, and
  • to deliver research with world-changing impact.

Our areas of research strength include:


从对仿生大脑和超级细菌的研究,到入侵性果蝇和铅污染饮用水, Macquarie’s biological sciences researchers are working in the areas of animal behaviour, 保护遗传学, 生态, 进化生物学, 微生物学, 古生物学, 植物生物学和动物学. A significant focus is on international networking that builds global research collaborations. 了解更多.


From research into the gender pay gap, portable long service leave and corporate moral responsibility to the Australian self-medication industry, aviation safety and retail therapy, 麦格理的商业研究人员积极参与研究,以响应麦格理的五个塑造未来的研究重点. 了解更多.

Chemical and biomolecular sciences

从抗癌药物和光合细菌的研究,到疾病病原体的快速检测,以及长期摄入咖啡因和蔗糖的影响, 麦格理的化学和生物分子科学研究人员正在推动分析光谱分析的基础和商业研究取得重大进展, glycochemistry, 定量蛋白质组学, and separation science and instrumental methods. 我们的研究ers are also pioneering new methods in laser spectroscopy, catalysis and organic geochemistry. 了解更多.

Creative arts, communication and culture

From research into Australasian cinema, Japanese techno-culture and cartoon 音乐 to video games and culture, social media and state violence, 麦格理的创造性艺术, communication and culture researchers are recognised internationally for their work in film, 电视, 广播, 数字媒体, 音乐, 文学研究, 儿童文学, 创意写作, 批判理论, media and communication studies, 和性能. 了解更多.


从对生命早期进化的研究到地球深层管道系统和火山喷发, Macquarie’s 地球科学 research spans a wide range of topics in Earth and planetary sciences, with concentrations in the following five areas: geodynamics, geochemical and isotope tracers in Earth processes, 地球生物学, the evolution of the crust and mantle, 和行星演化. 了解更多.


From research into the use of ICT in learning, 双语教育和有挑战行为的学生,为经历过紧急情况的儿童提供服务, Macquarie is recognised internationally as a leader in early childhood, 主要的, secondary and higher education; educational leadership; special and inclusive education; and technology-based learning and teaching. 了解更多.


从对wi-fi和机器人的研究,到用于医疗应用的可穿戴天线和下一代蜂窝系统, 麦格理的工程研究人员致力于为与社会健康和环境相关的问题创造技术解决方案——这些解决方案可以扩大人们实现其目标的能力.

We have research strengths in electromagnetic and antenna design, energy conversion and management, integrated wireless communication systems, 非线性电子, guided-wave optics and photonics, 超大规模集成, and wireless communications and networking. 我们还在精密制造机械工程方面有强大的研究项目,重点是医疗设备和应用. 了解更多.


From research into tropical cyclones, toxic dust and natural hazards to Antarctic contamination and invasive species, 麦格理大学的环境科学研究人员在环境科学和地球科学之间的跨学科界面上工作, 生态, and social and policy implications. 我们与生物学领域的同事进行跨部门、跨机构的合作研究, 气候科学, Earth system sciences and geochronology. 了解更多.


From research into paediatric 物理治疗, sporting injuries and chronic pain to the relationship between hearing loss, 老化和痴呆, Macquarie’s health sciences researchers are experts in the fields of allied health, 脊椎按摩疗法, 临床听力学, 环境卫生, 物理治疗, 公共卫生, and speech and language pathology. 了解更多.


From research into the CT scanning of ancient artefacts, Egyptian mummification and ancient spells to the Gallipoli campaign and war brides, 麦格理大学的历史和考古学研究人员正在进行从欧亚大陆和澳大利亚史top到现在的研究, 利用不同的档案和考古材料,以及从大历史到微观研究的不同方法, including reflection upon the nature of historical inquiry. 了解更多.


From research into reproductive and sexual health, infectious disease and contemporary religion to urban regeneration, climate adaptation and social housing, Macquarie has a long and distinguished record of contributions in social theory, geographies of environment–human relations, 当代社会学, and applied social research and policy. 我们的研究是由对澳大利亚和全球社会所面临的社会理论、政策和社会问题的批判性方法所驱动的. 了解更多.

Information and computing sciences

From research into cybersecurity, intelligent virtual agents and malware to data mining and controlled languages, 我们位于澳大利亚最大的高科技园区的中心,促进了与工业界的合作研究项目,为国家和全球挑战寻求大胆的解决方案. High-profile industry partners include Atlantek Vision, Australian Signals Directorate, BCS在线, CSIRO, 数据通信, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, EMC, 单心的, 霍尼韦尔, 华为, IBM, 微软和澳都斯. 了解更多.


From research into the reporting of war, 开放的教室音响和语言学习资源为聋哑人漫画和语言的起源, 麦格理的语言和语言学研究涵盖了从跨文化交际到语言科学和儿童语言障碍等一系列主题. We are world leaders in language acquisition research, and are home to renowned researchers in applied linguistics, TESOL and professional communications. 了解更多.


From research into human rights, social justice and genocide to assisted reproduction, 代孕和克隆, Macquarie’s 法律 and legal studies researchers are pioneers of interdisciplinary 法律 study in Australia, 并为您提供无与伦比的机会,以探索一些全球最紧迫和最多样化的法律问题. 了解更多.

Mathematical sciences and statistics

从电子护照系统的安全性研究和随机临床试验的设计,到音乐节奏的算术特性和电力市场的风险管理, 麦格理的数学科学和统计研究人员正在进行纯数学和应用数学的研究(在应用数学方面有优势), 范畴论, harmonic analysis and number theory) and statistics (with strengths in biostatistics, epidemiology and medical statistics, 图像处理, stochastic finance and time series analysis). 了解更多.


From research into robotic limbs, melanoma and breast cancer to medical tourism, prostate cancer screening and electronic medication management, 通过建立澳大利亚唯一的学术健康科学中心,麦格理大学正在制定新的国家医学研究基准.

Macquarie University Health Sciences Centre (MUHSC) is a partnership between the University, Macquarie University Hospital and healthcare providers. MUHSC delivers an integrated approach to research, clinical services, education and training.

这种研究和保健模式被许多世界领先的学术机构和医院所使用, and it ensures that medical research breakthroughs directly lead to improving patients’ lives. 了解更多.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

As Australia's number one 工商管理硕士 school*, 麦格理管理研究生院(MGSM)在管理教育方面享有国际声誉. MGSM的研究方法确保了理论的进步通知和联系到实际的知识和技术. MGSM与包括一些世界上最有影响力的企业在内的凯时国际首页网络开展研究项目.

Corporate relationships are a cornerstone of MGSM, and our partners include leading global businesses such as Australian Securities Exchange, 辉瑞, 西门子医疗, 数据通信, 科络捷, Australian Lions Childhood Cancer 研究 Foundation, 约翰逊 & 约翰逊, Chris O ' brien生命之屋, Australian 业务 Foundation, 是学习, 以及新南威尔士州贸易投资部. 了解更多.

* According to the world’s seminal rankings indicator – the Financial Times, January 2015.


From research into the 道德 of surgical interventions, 器官捐献和生殖克隆对收养后父母义务和活羊出口贸易, the philosophy program at Macquarie also has long-standing research strengths in European philosophy, 道德, 哲学心理学, philosophy of mind and social philosophy. 最近, it has also developed specialisations in bio道德, medical 道德 and moral cognition. 了解更多.


From research into granny galaxies and supermassive black holes to nano-optical tweezers and SuperDots, Macquarie’s physics and astronomy researchers work on fundamental and applied physics in optics, photonics and lasers; astronomy and astrophysics; or quantum information science. 他们享有杰出的国际合作联系,并在高影响力的期刊上发表研究成果. 了解更多.

Psychology and cognitive science

从对神经发育障碍的研究,到对人工耳蜗植入者大脑功能的测量,再到对人类饮食行为的研究, 焦虑和抑郁, 麦考瑞大学是一些国内外最优秀的心理学和认知科学学者和研究人员的故乡.

The internationally respected research conducted by these experts is backed by first-class facilities, including the Centre for Emotional Health, the Cognition Clinic for Reading and the Australian Hearing Hub. 了解更多.


From research into sustainable urbanism, energy justice and Indigenous water rights to life in the Anthropocene, alternative food pathways and native title, urban and regional planning research at Macquarie is characterised by interdisciplinary perspectives. 研究 among our team intersects with the fields of human geography, 人口统计学, environmental science and management, geographic information systems, 法律, and resilience to climate change. 了解更多.

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