Macquarie University has established an enviable reputation for research excellence, 尽管我们成立只有50年.

我们的战略研究框架, 研究战略2025: World-leading research; World-changing impact refreshes and builds on the achievements of the first five years of the 战略研究框架:2015-2024 continuing to chart an exciting course for our research and is aimed at accelerating and propelling our research performance to even greater heights.

The 框架 identifies four key objectives that will guide our research in areas where we’ll have the most impact and where the need for research and discovery is greatest.



  • 提高科研人员的数量和比例
  • 建立在当top和新兴研究的学科领域, 增强跨学科能力
  • 增加外部研究投资
  • Improve policies, processes and 系统 that support research excellence and integrity
  • Secure world-leading research infrastructure, facilities and equipment


  • 吸引高潜力的高学历研究候选人
  • 提供优秀的管理专业知识和指导
  • Embed higher degree research candidates in areas of current and emerging strength
  • Provide opportunities for career-enhancing exposure to industry and the community
  • 提供与全球相关的国际学位
  • Provide enriching experiences and enabling facilities, policies and processes


  • 追求的地方, national and international partnerships to complement and enhance areas of current and emerging research strength
  • 建立互利和真实的合作
  • Pursue shared goals with end users to maximise delivery of solutions and return on investment
  • Practice efficient and effective facilitation of research collaborations


  • Strengthen basic research capability to drive discovery and underpin innovation
  • 优化跨学科研究的机会
  • Foster an environment that facilitates and values diverse forms of knowledge creation, 应用与实践
  • Conduct research that addresses challenges and delivers significant benefits

The challenges faced by the world today are complex and interrelated. They require bold thinking and the discovery and application of new knowledge. As part of Macquarie’s ongoing commitment to achieving research excellence with impact, we have identified five research priorities that provide a focal point for our cross-disciplinary research.

These priorities will ensure that our research and innovation responds effectively to current and future local, 国家和全球挑战.




詹妮弗·哈德森教授, Australian 研究 Council Future Fellow and Centre for Emotional Health director, 和她的团队一起, 正在努力消除儿童焦虑症吗. Through international collaboration with more than 15 different institutions and anxiety clinics around the world, 她的团队正在创造量身定制的, individualised treatment for children and young people with anxiety disorders.

“如果我们能改善年轻人的情绪健康, then we can have an impact on individuals across their lifespan – improving their life satisfaction, 他们的幸福和情感健康,哈德逊说:“.

我们的 健康的人 future-shaping research priority focuses on the themes of pioneering health, integrated healthcare and lifelong learning for wellness in our ageing world.

  • 健康教育和终身学习

Unites researchers who develop and use technologies to create and deliver learning resources and interventions in areas such as mental health, 康复, 业务, 数学, 科学, 读写能力, 演讲和沟通.

  • 健康和弹性

Helps to identify markers of poor emotional and physical health and to develop targeted interventions to promote and sustain emotional and physical wellbeing. This includes enhancing the productivity and sustainability of healthcare 系统 to support national wellbeing.

  • 转化医学研究

确定疾病的基本起源-在分子上, cellular and 系统 levels – and then translates these insights into real clinical solutions for diagnosis, 预后和治疗.

  • 感觉和认知加工

Seeks to understand our neural and cognitive mechanisms so that we are able to develop strategies to improve our interpretation and response to the world around us.

  • 听力、语言和读写能力

探索听觉的过程, language and 读写能力 acquisition and advances in language and 读写能力 across contexts and cultures, 洞察人们表达的方式, 并学会表达, 他们的意思和意图很有效. This informs the design of evidence-based strategies for education, 培训和临床干预.



Australian 研究 Council Future Fellow Professor Wendy Rogers is on a mission to make surgery safer for patients around the world. Her team developed the Macquarie Surgery Innovation Identification Tool (MSIIT) – a checklist that identifies how much a surgical intervention differs from usual practice. If it meets a certain threshold, the tool triggers support to make it safer for the patient.

“My grand plan is to use the conceptual tools from moral philosophy and ethics to identify and understand practical issues in healthcare and to try to resolve them in ways that make healthcare safer and better for people,”罗杰斯说.

我们的 有弹性的社会 future-shaping research priority focuses on understanding cultures in our changing world and building ethical, 公正和包容的社区.

  • 社会转型

Seeks to understand the impact of transformation on societies at global, national and local levels while also exploring the impacts of societal transformation on people’s identities, intimate and family lives and their perceptions of their place and role in society.

  • 的沟通方式

Undertakes linguistic and historical research on ancient to contemporary languages, 和口语, written and material transmission and interpretation of cultural traditions. 研究人员还调查了人们是如何生产的, interact and engage with creative writing and performance in contemporary environments.

  • 伦理、治理和正义

探讨伦理的规范和实践基础, 法律, 管治及规管架构, including human rights regimes and other mechanisms of global governance, 再加上科学的影响, technological and environmental change on ethical and legal norms, 实践和机构.



Stefan Trueck教授, 他是金融风险中心的副主任, 希望保持澳大利亚公用事业的合理价格. He creates statistical or econometrical models to forecast the price behaviour of electricity. This is particularly important for large customers such as retailers who buy electricity on exchange and could be at risk because of extreme price fluctuations. 他的模型有助于对冲这些风险.

“我想做一些帮助别人的事情, help the economy and help financial markets to achieve better outcomes,”Trueck说.

我们的 繁荣的经济 future-shaping research priority focuses on strengthening economic productivity to promote prosperity in our diverse world.

  • Role, operation and risks in global financial and economic 系统

Explores how financial and economic 系统 operate given their increasing importance in world affairs and geopolitics, 并探讨了金融中的人为因素, 财务决策和财务可持续性.

  • 组织的可持续性、生产力和竞争力

探讨技术的影响, 改变工作模式, 新产品和新服务, as well as increasing competition and changing power structures in the global economy. Focuses on Australia’s role in the dynamic socioeconomic hub of Asia and a future in which Australia’s economic growth can thrive.



副教授布莱恩·阿特韦尔想要养活地球. Conservative estimates show that the Earth’s surface temperature will rise on average 0.下个世纪上升9摄氏度, which could mean disaster for plants that are highly sensitive to their environment. Atwell’s team has found a gene in heat-tolerant strains of rice in northern Australia that allows photosynthesis at higher temperatures, 提高工厂的生产力.

“There will be a group of people who have an open mind about using wild plants in Australia to try to improve the 15 or 20 major foods that feed almost everybody on this planet,”艾特维尔说.

我们的 安全的星球 future-shaping research priority focuses on sustaining our interdependent world and exploring our place in the universe.

  • 生活在不断变化的环境中

探索并理解环境, 包括生物, 气候, 化学和物理变化跨越时空. 气候变化是我们最严重的环境问题之一, 社会和经济挑战, 我们寻求管理风险, reduce vulnerability and promote resilience to its inevitable impacts on human and natural 系统.

  • 探索地球和更远的地方

Investigates the constitution and physical properties of major components of our universe. Combines in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge of the internal Earth and the wider cosmos with improved observations, 分析, 数值模型与模拟, 技术和实验, 开发这些领域的知识.



Professor Nicolle Packer is helping in the fight against every disease in humans. 在她团队的项目中, UniCarbKB, data from all over the world come together to understand how sugars attach to the surface of cells and interact to bring about diseases. With the innovative technologies and the informatics needed to analyse data, the project makes it possible to develop new targets and diagnostics for these diseases.

“I truly believe these molecules are important in the way our bodies function and how they stop functioning,”帕克说. 正如我的一个博士后对我说的,“这都是糖的问题。. 过去是,将来也是.”


Professor David Raftos is working to future-proof Australia’s oyster industry. 此外,它还是新南威尔士州最大的水产养殖业, 牡蛎在河口生态系统的形成中起着重要作用, 比如在悉尼港和霍克斯伯里河. 与澳大利亚牡蛎产业合作, Raftos’ team discovered a set of genes in oysters that allows them to survive disease and tolerate environmental changes.

“到目top为止,我们的结果是显著的,”Raftos说. “In just a single generation of breeding using this new technology, we’ve had a 30 per cent improvement in the number of oysters that survive disease outbreaks.”

我们的 创新技术 future-shaping research priority focuses on advancing our interconnected world with frontier technologies, 系统, 设计与创作实践.

  • 21世纪的科学和工程技术

寻求发展突破性的科学发明, 并探究其后果, the technologies of tomorrow that will provide competitive advantages for our industry partners and equity to global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

  • 大数据:采集、分析、应用和保障

Explores massive scientific datasets and the challenges these data streams present to our ability to assimilate, analyse and evaluate such vast sources of diverse data across multiple research fields.

使用我们的 设施, 中心和小组搜索工具 to find out the centres, facilities and groups for each of the research priorities.

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